Search Engine Marketing - Adwords for Small Business

Is your website discovering new mediums to generate leads?

Adwords can be a great complement to your online strategy. Before you start running adwords however, know in advance what this medium may or may not deliver to your business.

JABA Digital’s SEM services help you to target your potential customer at the right time during their buying cycle, guiding them to your website when they are closer to making a decision, therefore using your budget wisely.

If you are considering an adwords campaign, we will help you with:

  • Adwords analysis and strategy – to understand your market, search volumes and competition.
  • Match your adwords strategy to your business goals – so that you achieve realistic targets.
  • Develop the advertisement copy and optimize for performance – to increase conversions.
  • Reporting – so that you know what you are getting for every dollar you spend online.